Overcoming Obstacles with Attitude and Goals

by hipathdev on June 30, 2016

Post submitted by Patrick Ever wonder how some people seem to overcome incredible obstacles in their lives?  No matter what they are faced with, they seem to just keep moving forward and accomplishing things.  Would you believe it is a matter of attitude?  Here are a few quotes to make you reconsider your position on […]


Celebrate the Sacrifice

by hipathdev on May 27, 2016

Submitted by Tech What is Memorial Day? Is it the first three day weekend of the year created to mark the beginning of summer? If you ask three different people you might get three different answers. One might say that it is just that, the beginning of the summer season. Another might say that it […]


Remember to Remember

April 29, 2016

Submitted by Tech What is your earliest memory? Is it from a time that brings a smile to your face or one that wrinkles your brow?  My earliest memory is of me riding my bike. I had just recently learned the art of balancing on two wheels and was attempting to see just how far […]

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Celebrate the Engine of our Economy

March 25, 2016

Submitted by Patrick This month we celebrate National Small Business Week.  Small business has been called the Engine of our Economy.  Did you know that small businesses contribute nearly $11 trillion nationwide each year.  There are 27 million business in the United States, and they have created 56 million jobs.  75% of these small businesses […]

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Making Adjustments

February 26, 2016

Submitted by Tech Have you ever had to change your plans?  Of course you have! Everyone has to adjust their plans according to circumstances beyond their control.  You know what I’m talking about.  Let’s say you are planning a vacation.  Your plans have to consider all the different people and obligations that will be affected […]

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Staff Augmentation

January 29, 2016

Few organizations have all the staff resources they need to complete complex technology projects or labor-intensive migrations and rollouts. Yet highly skilled technology professionals remain in short supply, making it difficult to locate and mobilize subject-matter experts to meet project deadlines. HiPath’s staff augmentation services can help keep projects on time and within budget and […]

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What is Leadership?

December 31, 2015

Personal Improvement Tip submitted by Tech A certain man was employed by the owner of a company to perform a specific task in return for wages agreed upon by both. After a while, the man became weary of this task and thought that the owner of the company did not appreciate the effort this man […]

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The Value of a Field Supervisor

November 27, 2015

Construction Tip – August submitted by Tech Construction projects, in general, require a tremendous amount of monitoring to ensure adherence to schedule, budget and overall quality.  This becomes readily apparent during the multiple site construction projects associated with the expansion of a particular market’s network.  The “standard” New Site Development team will generally consist of […]

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Progress Reports in Business

October 30, 2015

A progress report is a document or program that describes the progress of a particular person, event or project over a specific period of time.  Progress reports are often used to judge the development of a project or person doing a task before or between official reviews.  Progress reports are valuable to determine if projects […]

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Keeping Momemtum

September 25, 2015

Construction tip submitted by Admin In the world of construction we often find ourselves compelled to “go faster”! There are many factors driving this “push” for more results in less time. The obvious is financial. Money is usually the number one factor dictating the project schedule. This is especially true today as we collectively suffer […]

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