Making Adjustments

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Have you ever had to change your plans?  Of course you have! Everyone has to adjust their plans according to circumstances beyond their control.  You know what I’m talking about.  Let’s say you are planning a vacation.  Your plans have to consider all the different people and obligations that will be affected by your time away from your responsibilities.  Who will feed the cat when you’re away?  Will someone collect your mail?  Will your plants need to be watered while you’re away?

Questions, questions, questions.

We are entering into the time of year when traditionally, most people begin think about vacations.  Most of us will put a lot of effort into planning our vacations so that we can relax while we are away, knowing that our responsibilities and obligations on the home front have been covered.

So what about our work responsibilities?  Who’s taking care of those?  Especially in your absence?  Are you responsible for assigning your duties to others?  Do your clients and customers need to be informed?  How much lead time is appropriate?  We are now half way through the year and it should be a good time to evaluate the progress your company is making relative to the goals you set at the beginning of the year.

Most companies will have set their goals prior to the beginning of the year.  These goals are communicated to the team so everyone can focus their efforts towards that common cause.  So, how is it going?  Are you on track to realize those goals?  What, if any, circumstances have gotten in the way of achieving those goals?  Have you had to make adjustments to your procedures or even to your goals?  These are questions that should be asked, not only at this time of year but, throughout the year as you continue to strive to meet or exceed your goals.

The common theme we want you to consider is that although we set our goals after much planning and considerations, the fact is that there will be times when outside forces beyond our control will have a potentially negative impact to the forward momentum of our goals.  Some of those occurrences will be easy to overcome, or at least adjust to.  But, there will be times when it seems as if our goals need to be abandoned because of the negative impact these outside forces are having on us.  The wise person will not let any outside forces cloud their judgment.  Yes, we need to consider any and all situations that affect our goals.  However, we also need to objectively assess whether or not those influences can or should be considered when evaluating the overall impact to the goals.

The point here is that our world is made up of different human beings with different goals and aspirations that can, and sometimes do, have an influence into our own world.  Our responsibility is to learn how to take those influences and either adjust to them or use them to modify our path so that our goals can continue to be reached.

So take the time to evaluate where you are currently.  See if you are where you thought you should be.  Don’t be surprised if you realize that you are not exactly where you thought you would be.  Realize there are influences out there that may cause you to become distracted from your goals.  Once you are aware of this potential pitfall, don’t fall in!

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