The Value of a Field Supervisor

Construction Tip – August submitted by Tech

Construction projects, in general, require a tremendous amount of monitoring to ensure adherence to schedule, budget and overall quality.  This becomes readily apparent during the multiple site construction projects associated with the expansion of a particular market’s network.  The “standard” New Site Development team will generally consist of a low-level company manager with little or no “field” experience, “managing” a team of contract personnel who in turn “manage” the actual development process.   Although this type of arrangement can work, it assumes that each individual team member not only has experience in his particular field of responsibility but also, and more importantly, has the authority to make the day-to-day decisions necessary to meet the schedule, budget and quality requirements.  The reality is that very often this is not the case.  In fact, oftentimes the individual team members are generally tasked mainly with administrative and meeting type duties, rather than being allowed to have a more “hands-on” approach to the overall construction process.  This only means that they will could become frustrated with incomplete and/or inaccurate information relative to the current activities in the field.  Additionally, they will constantly be questioned and held accountable for missed deadlines, over-budgets and shoddy workmanship.

This is why it makes sense to ensure that a “Field Supervisor” position be integrated into the development process and that the person chosen for this position is qualified to assess normal construction processes as to schedule, budget and quality.  The Field Supervisor can be the “real time” eyes in the field for management, and be the “go to” representative relative to those issues which have become so important in todays’ site development world.  When field information is timely and  accurate, the wireless manager can better control their particular portion of the development process.

What’s the bottom line?  Ensure that your development process includes a Field Supervisor position. And then, hire only qualified Field Supervisors.  It is money well spent.


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