What Grandkids can Teach us about Business

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So, there we were just sitting around, minding our own business when the house phone rang.  Uh oh, that’s usually not a good sign.  Nobody ever calls our landline anymore.  Sure enough, it wasn’t what we had expected: the Grandkids were calling to ask if they could come and spend the summer with us, again. Hmm.  Do we dare lie and tell them that we will be out of the country that entire time?  Nah, that wouldn’t be very nice.  After all, they are just kids.  But, although we are not that old, (let’s just say 60ish!), sometimes it feels rather awkward to have children in the house after all these years.  Our youngest is 31 years old and has been on her own for many years. So, we have been by ourselves for so long that it seems like an inconvenience to have little ones around the house.  (If the truth be told, they are 10 and 11, not that young.)

Don’t get me wrong, I love each and every one of the Grandkids (10 and counting).  But, we raised our children to be self-sufficient and on their own as soon as was reasonably practical which meant that all of them were self-sufficient and on their own by the time they were 18 or 20 years old.  So, you can see that we have been “empty-nesters” for many years.  We planned for it.  We accomplished our goal.  So now when we agree to have the kids for that long, well it seems as if the “good old days” just aren’t what we remembered them to be!  Oh well, we told them that we could hardly wait for them to come and visit.

Soon enough they arrived and fell into a familiar routine.  We get up, (early) every morning and begin with breakfast and plans for the day.  Should we go swimming first or get ready to go to the lake?  Hmm.  Decisions, decisions, decisions!  Whatever the final decision, we always have a great time watching these precious children just being children.  If the truth be told, it makes us feel so much younger just being around them!

So, I guess that as we get older, we should count our blessings and realize that the time we get to spend with our grand kids can never be duplicated or replaced. And for that I promise I will not cringe the next time the house phone rings!

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